As you know, we are at the end of another incredible and difficult year, which began in the midst of Covid-19, to which our company also paid a heavy toll due to absenteeism and continued with the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, the repercussions of which we are all suffering from and which leaves us constantly holding our breath.

We feel weak and powerless in the face of these events. On our side, we react in the only way we know, which is to do our work professionally. In particular, over the last few months we have dedicated ourselves to renewing our certifications, to training our employees to ensure that the workplace is always safe (such as the updating of fire protection systems and safety training courses), and above all to strengthening our team.

We would therefore like to close the year with these photos: a behind-the-scenes look at what is not so often talked about, but which is crucial for safety at work.

See you in 2023 where we will introduce you to the new staff.

Happy holidays and see you soon!