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Alma Fashion: Eco-Sustainable Production of Swimwear and Sportswear

Alma Fashion, at the forefront of swimwear and accessory production for renowned high-fashion brands, is thrilled to announce a revolutionary innovation for 2025: menstrual swimwear.

Aligned with the philosophy of reusability, these innovative swimwear pieces are designed to:

  • Absorb and retain, offering maximum security and freedom of movement. This allows women to feel completely secure and comfortable while preserving the product’s effectiveness.
  • Provide a practical and safe solution for women during their menstrual period, for those experiencing incontinence, or with the need to use medical garments.
  • Combine the most advanced, certified technical materials with style and design that reflect the latest fashion trends.
  • Be eco-sustainable, reducing the environmental impact compared to the use of disposable products such as pads, which are notoriously polluting.

Are you a fashion brand or do you operate in the sportswear clothing sector?

Alma Fashion is able to provide a wide range of services, including stylistic consulting, conducting research, pattern design and development. Additionally, they handle size development and prototype creation, always ensuring thorough coordination and quality control.
The objective is to ensure that each garment produced is not only aesthetically impeccable but also functional, durable, and in line with the strictest quality standards of the industry.

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Alma Fashion is not just a swimwear factory; we are also manufacturers of sportswear, including triathlon clothing production, and we operate both as a contract manufacturer of swimwear and sportswear and as a manufacturer of swimwear and sportswear in-house. From men’s swimwear production to women’s swimwear production for third parties, we offer customized solutions for every need.
We are also swimwear manufacturers and swimwear wholesalers, ready to meet your every production need. If you’re interested in partnership opportunities or learning more about how we can help you stand out in the market, please let us know.

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Alma Fashion offers you not only the revolution of swimwear, but also a wide range of services tailored to your brand. From developing sportswear to high fashion, we are dedicated to providing exceptional solutions that blend design, comfort, and environmental respect.

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