Management, coordination of production
and quality control for third party productions

In Alma Fashion, the foundations are laid for the production of the garment and its industrialisation. As the supply chain is becoming increasingly digitised, Alma Fashion through the Lectra Fashion PLM system, set up the digital tool which contains all product information, complete with size charts and measurements, to be sent to the production. This phase, that is implemented at the Forum Groupe partner company (certified SA 8000 per the social responsability), is continuously monitored on the ground by Alma Fashion staff in terms of quality control, compliance with production procedures and delivery times.

Design and pattern consultancy

Alma Fashion shall make available to its customers the knowledge and experience of its team in the study and creation of patterns.
The basis for essential support for customer collections’ is, for us, a constant updating on trends along with specific professionalism on the digital realisation of the patterns for beachwear and sportswear using advanced softwares.

Reliable material and supplier research

A key component determining the quality of the finished product is the research and subsequent identification of raw materials. Experience in many years of activity in this field has helped to create a very large database of materials and supply companies, selected in terms of quality and reliability, combined with good levels of economic sustainability. 

Design and realisation of patterns,
size gradings and prototypes

Based on an idea or a simple sketch, Alma Fashion develops the project, interprets the creative lines expressed by the fashion designer and gives life to the pattern working on the size gradings according to the standards or precise guidelines of the customer until the realisation of the first prototype. Successively, it supports the customer during the fitting of the prototype applying all the necessary changes in order to improve it and make it perfectly suitable for production.

Placement study, consumption analysis
and production costs

The placement study is essential to improve the production, limit waste and reduce costs. The technical office of Alma Fashion takes care of this in automated mode, using a specific software labelled “Lectra” (leading digital fashion solutions) that allows the production sector (cut room) to be provided with an optimised layout. This activity allows for a prior analysis of material consumption and related costs upstream of production.