Looking at 2023 with confidence

The year 2022 has just ended and at Forum Groupe, the first analyses of this past year are underway: a year still characterised, in its very beginning, by Covid, the resulting absenteeism and the inevitable delays. But despite of the difficult start, the situation stabilised and the year closed with a turnover of +12%.

An astonishing result, given the difficulties we had to overcome, such as the pandemic, the supply of raw materials and the change of Management. We are proud to say that we have been able to handle all adversities in the best possible way, and we are happy to have added a new solid and established customer base in both the beachwear and sportswear markets.

Thanks to these results, we look forward to 2023 with confidence, ready to manage further growth. We are investing in fact in human resources and have drawn up the investment plan for the next three years. All this is possible thanks to a strengthened synergy with customers with whom we are working on long-term programs.