Welcome June!

June brings us firmly into summer, even though this year our Romagna region seems to have woken up in a sudden autumn. The flood that hit our areas has put everyone to the test, and the cities are coming out of it with a slow but tenacious recovery. Alma Fashion, which, with great luck, was not directly affected, is active and, together with Forum Groupe, is completing the SS2024 sampling collections: from cycling to competition swimwear to beachwear. As always, we have done our best to enable our customers to activate their sales networks in the right time, preparing catalogues and samples for participation in the upcoming trade fairs.

In wishing our customers a good sales campaign, we would like to accompany this newsletter with an image of the very first collection produced in Tunisia 25 years ago, when our professional and production experience began in these locations. 25 years of obstacles and difficulties, but also of great success and satisfaction.