Fornitori in visita a Forum Groupe

April 1998 – April 2022

24 years have passed since when we have started the first productive collaborations in Tunisia together with Alessandra’s parents, Lina Piani and Guido Gatti.

Intense and hectic years during which we have been developing our presence in Monastir Governorate, namely in Beni Hassen. From the very first small collaborations we have come up to an ever growing production hub which has overcome even the most delicate moments that the nation which is hosting us has experienced: from the Jasmine Revolution in 2011 to the subsequent periods of tension, up to the recent pandemic from which we are recovering very slowly.

The strong collaboration with our local and international suppliers have allowed us to overcome the difficulties experienced during this long path. We thank them all as we also thank the 230 employees of the companies of the group (Forum Groupe – Atélier Méditerranée and Alma Fashion). We are happy to see that the financial statements of 2021 show a positive budget and the solid capitalization of the companies of the group allow us to put in place the necessary investments to face the enquiries of our clients which are constantly growing.