For a cool and inclusive summer

Since for many people the holidays are just around the corner, we recommend that you carefully choose the swimsuit to put in your suitcase. The 2022 season is characterized by the desire for the sea, freedom and colour. We have put all our experience into it, we are satisfied with the products we have made and we hope that you can find the perfect swimwear for you among these. Alma Fashion, together with Forum Groupe, has its eyes already turned to the next season: it is finalising the samples for the 2023 season, the pre-orders of the raw materials, the booking of the stand at the Mare di Moda Fair to be held in November in Cannes, and, finally, it is focusing on the investment plan to strengthen not only human resources, but also technologies.

In recent years we have produced countless swimwear for fashion, a lot of swimming pool with the first bonding garments and started the collaboration with important companies in the world of cycling. Today, however, we would like to introduce you to a company that differs from everyone else, a unicum among our customers: it is the English brand Kes-Vir specialized in the creation of swimwear for people with incontinence problems. It is also an award-winning brand for this category, which also won in 2022 the Award for ‘The most Discreet incontinence swimwear in Europe’ by GHP (Global Health & Pharma). We are pleased to have created ad hoc products for them, to ensure that even people with disabilities can take a bathe in the sea or in the pool. We are proud of this collaboration and hope that everyone can enjoy a refreshing bathe in this hot summer!