Ramadan and business continuity

Forum Groupe: Respect for Ramadan tradition but at the same time
ensuring continuity of work! 


For the past 30 years, every year, in Forum Groupe, the holy month of Ramadan has been respected and honored. Ramadan is the name of the ninth month of the year in the Muslim lunar calendar and means “hot month”. Every year, the date is never the same because of the Muslim calendar based on lunar cycles. This month, food, water and pleasures from dawn to dusk must be practiced as a form of purification and prayer, meditation and self-discipline must be preferred. Fasting is the third of the five pillars of Islam. On the one hand it is renunciation, but on the other hand Ramadan is a moment of sharing and unity from sunset to sunrise. It is a very important tradition for Muslims and the same is for Forum Groupe.

We say yes to the respect for the traditions, but in any case, a firm point  every year is that, although working time is reduced this month, Forum Groupe remains operational and responsive for our customers during this particular period of presentation of our customer’s collections through prototypes and SMS.

It’s important to respect traditions, especially when they are so strong and felt by the people, but this does not limit our operations.

We are always at work for all our customers.